Kills germs in 10 minutes

Short-wave UV-C-rays completely destroys the DNA and RNA of micro-organisms and viruses. That is why UV-C is such an effective disinfection solution. ZeroVir can disinfect a space in 5-10 minutes

Safe & Affordable

ZeroVir ensures safety through built-in motion sensors. This helps to detect nearby humans or animals and immediately stops the disinfection process. It makes UV technology afforable for large-scale use.

Always Connected

ZeroVir is fully automated and does not need manual intervention. Get reports or schedule disinfection processes through our app. Or you could opt for seamless operation with existing enterprise workflows.

Happy Customers

Peace of mind for our patients and staff members.

ZeroVir is UV-C based sanitization solution which is very easy to operate via mobile app and with its multiple modes we can easily configure the units based on our changing requirements which gives us confidence to serve our patients better.

Product Portfolio

ZV Sanitizing Cabinet (Top Load)

Ideal for: Jewelry shops, personal items like wallets, keys, Apparel stores, Footwear, Mobile phone, books, sunglasses, etc

ZV Sanitizing Ceiling Light

Ideal for: Lift, Toilet, ATM, Conference room, Meeting area.

ZV Sanitizing Wall Light

Ideal for: Lift, Reception, Waiting room

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UV-C technology is an effective medium through which we can keep our surroundings sanitized killing 99% viruses and germs including COVID. Also, the technology is affordable and therefore can be used by all sections of society for different applications.